The Neighborhood

 Trust Network:


A method of sharing resources


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The Neighborhood

 Trust Network:


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The Neighborhood Trust Network




The Neighborhood Trust Network is a simple method for sharing tools, media, recreational and educational materials between typical adult individuals. This free system is

  1.  extremely useful,

  2. brings increased trust and social joy, and

  3. in this time of economic downturn, may become a necessary mode of collective survival.

The Neighborhood Trust Network, rather than being a group of people, is basically a process. This process consists of

  1. a set of sign-out forms and

  2.  a set of rules--no more complicated than that of your local public library-- which, taken together, ensures that what we loan to each other is:

  • Taken care of

  • Returned to us on time; and

  • Repaired or replaced (when necessary) with little hassle to ourselves.

The purpose and goal of the Neighborhood Trust Network is to re-establish trust between individuals, and to promote the growth of a more perfect society.

The simple method offered to you here could become an important method of re-structuring an America whose foundations are built on trust, not greed; in which we actually conserve our resources instead of wasting them; and wherein we are able to live smaller and happier rather than more bloated and more empty in our material and spiritual lives.

Descriptive Information

Action Steps

What is the NTN?

Why We Don't Share--a practical discussion

The Decrease in Trust--an academic discussion

The Benefits of Sharing


The Rules for Successful Sharing

Printable Forms

Coming soon: Examples  of how the system works.


OTHER WEBSITES: To  reduce your clutter by simply giving things away, see To see a Facebook version of a sharing system, click here.



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